Frazzled is the word I think best describes how I am functioning this morning. New meaning has been brought to the Pixies song that I so dearly love. As I was preparing breakfast, I grabbed the yogurt while filling up my water glass (first mistake – multi-tasking is not my forte), and then simultaneously dropped both. Yogurt and water were mixed together in an explosion that graciously covered both the refrigerator and floor. Yummy. After I managed to scrape out the remnants of the yogurt, I proceeded to flavor it with what I thought was cinnamon, but was in fact, smoked paprika. Mistake number two was unfortunately discovered after I had added the strawberries, blueberries, and granola, but fortunately before I had tasted it. The day seems to be going steadily downhill as I try to calculate pricing for my jewelry, and the numbers refuse to register with my brain. Wish me luck, folks!


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One Response to VINTAGE PHOTO TRUTHS no.2

  1. Adriane says:

    This sounds like my every day. May your brain quickly return to its normal computing capability!

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