Had a super weekend doing some beaching and whatnot with a special out of town visitor and my fabulous friends here. Fun was had by all.

I’m very excited to report that the Hunger Games exceeded my expectations and was one of the better book adaptations I’ve ever seen. Geeking. Out. Witness it here.

Having very good feelings that my look book shoot this weekend is going to be simply mahvelous dahlings. I’ll slip you a sneak peek next week.

We didn’t eat dinner out a single time this week. This means I’m going to reward myself tonight by being a big fatty and un-doing all the good and money that we saved.

Found out that our good friends here both got jobs in Chicago, which they’ve been wanting to do for awhile. You might be asking yourself “self, isn’t this a good thing?” If I were a generous person this would be a yay. But I’m not. So, no, this is a terrible, terrible thing and it’s going in the woe pile.

Another woe that should be a yay: I made a new friend a few weeks ago and was very excited about it. But guess what? She left Florida this week. Hmph.

I had the startling revelation last weekend while seeing Hunger Games that babies eventually grow into tweens. And tweens are horrible. Yes, I expected the movie to be overrun by them and for us to feel like the creepy older people. But how could anyone anticipate the grossly immature “ooo-ooos” with every kiss, the gratuitous giggles with every mildly amusing statement, the wild applause with every triumph of a protagonist, the boos with every triumph of a villain, and last (but certainly not least) the nonsensical stream of consciousness whispers from behind us throughout the entire movie. I am now officially terrified to have a child and be forced to watch my precious baby turn in to that.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Be happy for my friends, accept change, and know that we, too, will someday be the ones leaving. It still sucks, though. And maybe I was a little bit of a grump about the tween thing, but seriously…I still can’t get over it. I’m just holding out hope that maybe they’re more barbaric in a mob mentality setting like the movie theater. Maybe. If not, thank God it’s a phase and won’t last forever.

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